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Medela Swing Single Eletric Breast Pump FREE Medela Flex Swing Upgrade Kit

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The Medela Swing Breastpump with single pump is Medela's smallest and lightest 2-Phase pump.

Set the Swing on a tabletop, attach it to your pocket or belt with the clip or hang it from the neck/shoulder strap for the most convenient and comfortable position for you. 


Medela Breast Pump Flex™ Technology! -Better efficiency -More comfort -Improved adaptation -Improved effectiveness The upgrade kit include: 1 x Flex Swing Tubing .1 x Flex Connector (Pack of 2) . 1 x PersonalFit Flex Breast Shield(Pack of 2)

Medela Swing Single eletric BreastPump

Express milk quietly and discreetly - The Swing electric Breastpump combines a multi-award-winning design with the latest technology. The electric breastpump is very quiet and therefore represents the ideal solution for regular and discreet breast pumping.

- Efficient: Pump more milk in less time, thanks to our 2-Phase Expression Technology

- Unique: Ideal for daily electric pumping

- Comfortable: A range of vacuum levels and settings - Easy to use: Easy to assemble, use and clean

- Convenient: Quiet and compact design, ideal for discreet pumping


Medela Flex Swing Upgrade Kit

~More Flexible Fit: Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and can change throughout your breastfeeding journey.

~Compared to standard 90 breast shield openings, the new 105 opening angle matches different shapes and sizes of breasts better.

~This helps milk to flow more freely due to less compression of the breast.

~More Milk: Our studies have shown that when Mum is comfortable, she can produce up to 11% more milk!

~Choosing the correct breast shield is thus a very important consideration when selecting a breast pump.

~Fortunately, with Flex technology, you can now personalise to your fit.

~More Comfort:The PersonalFit Flex breast shield can be rotated 360 to suit your breast shape. It also has overflow protection that prevents milk entering the motor, so you can pump in a comfortable position that works for you.

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