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Medela Spare Teats (M), 2pcs/box

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Medela Spare Teats Medium Flow can be used with most bottles to give breastfeeding mothers an alternative to feed their babies with the nutrtious, healthy milk.

- Compatible with all Medela bottles
- Natural feel and shape
- Medium flow silicone nipples
- BPA-Free

Medela Spare Teats (M), 2pcs/box

Product Description

Medela Milk Bottle Teats, 2-pack fit are designed to fit all Medela feeding and milk storage bottles. Made of soft, high grade silicone, these teats are odourless and tasteless, making it more likely for your baby to accept them. These teats are easy to clean and dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe. Available in Slow flow (0-4m) or Medium flow (4-12m), this 2-pack set is good value for money! You can even turn you Medela storage bottle into a feeding bottle with this set of teats!

Why we love this product:

– Latex and BPA-free! Safe for your little one!
– Soft and durable! Made with high grade silicone!

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