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Medela PureLan Lanolin cream

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100% Natural
Safe For Baby No Need to Remove
Ultra-pure Medical Grade Lanolin

Why lanolin?
Lanolin is a deeply hydrating natural substance found in sheep’s wool. This powerful ingredient is soothing thanks to its emollient and moisturising properties.

Introducing Purelan™
Purelan™ is a single-ingredient, 100% natural lanolin cream formulated to provide relief for sore nipples and dry skin. Made with ultra-pure medical-grade lanolin, Purelan™ is highly effective and safe for nursing mums and babies – with no need to remove before feeding. Purelan™ is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skins.

How it works
Purelam™‘s rich texture creates a protective layer on the skin’s surface and rehydrates skin from within – relieving nipple soreness while skin heals naturally

Fast relief for sore nipples and dry skin
Purelan™ is designed to support breastfeeding mums, relieving soreness and protecting your skin, because nothing should come between you and giving your baby the best start in life.

When breastfeeding, you may experience nipple soreness from frequent suckling, saliva and, in
most cases, incorrect latching. If you’re in this kind of discomfort, you may feel like you need
more time between feeds for your skin to return to normal.

Medela developed Purelan™ to give you the fast, effective relief you need. And our pure, natural formula means there’s no need to remove before feeding.


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