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Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast pump

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If you are looking for a portable double pump by Medela but the price of the Medela Freestyle is above your budget, you may want to consider the Medela Swing Maxi Breastpump.

The new compact double electric breastpump Swing maxi is perfect for all mothers looking for a simple and time-saving solution. Ideal to increase milk supply and for daily use.

- Support of milk supply: double pumping can help to increase and sustain milk supply.
- Efficiency: simultaneous expression in combination with the 2-Phase Expression Technology provides you a maximum of time-saving.
- Comfortable: a range of vacuum levels and settings.
- Easy to use: easy to assemble, use and clean.
- Flexible: light and compact to pump at home or on the go, use with batteries or main adapter.

Easy and time-saving breast pump

The Medela Swing maxi combines the quality of the Medela Swing with a more powerful motor as it is made for double pumping. Compared to single pumping, double pumping can cut expression time in half and remove 18% more milk.

More milk with higher energy content

Unlike a single pump, Medela Swing maxi pumps simultaneously from both breasts and allows you to express more milk with higher energy content.

Simple to operate, comfortable to use

Medela Swing maxi has a very simple design and is extremely portable. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, and all parts can be sterilised in a microwave for convenience.

2-Phase Expression technology

Thanks to Medela’s 2-Phase Expression technology the breast pump simulates your baby’s natural sucking behaviour at the breast and feels very comfortable to use. The 2-Phase Expression technology provides a short, quick sucking rhythm until your milk starts to flow and then it changes to a slow rhythm to express the milk. The simple up/ down buttons allow you to control the vacuum to reach your highest comfort level as this is when your milk will flow best.

What's Included

• Two PersonalFit breast shields (Size M, 24 mm)
• Two connectors assembled
• PVC tubing
• Two breast milk bottles with imprint (150 ml)
• Two multi-lids
• Two stands
• Motor unit
• Mains adapter
• Calma solitaire
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